How to Use Conference Calling to Succeed in Business

There are many tools to be used to succeed in business, but few are low cost or free and still offer business owners and associates an advantage over others. So much money is spent monthly on phone bills and internet costs in businesses. So it is a relief when business owners find free tools that can greatly improve their business and how they interact with other businesses and customers. Conferencing programs are one such wonderful tool, and there are numerous free programs that can be found with a simple internet search.

Conferencing is quickly growing in popularity. It will not be long before somebody you are doing business with suggests holding a meeting through a conference call. You may want to start looking for a good program now so you have it when you need it. And in the meantime, you can learn a few things about using conference calling to succeed in your business endeavors.

Conducting Seminars – It was not so long ago that individuals who wished to attend a seminar had to hop on a plane and fly to wherever the seminar was being held. These days things are much different, and seminars


Why A Landline In Your Home Might Be More Useful Than Your Mobile

The majority of people these days are more reliant on their mobile phones to make calls, even choosing to use their mobile handset when in their home and in easy grabbing range of their home phone. But by doing this, you could be racking up bills that are far in excess of what you would be paying if you were using a landline to make the same calls at the same time of the day.

Your landline can offer you more than just a means to access the internet. Certain price plans can give you free calls every evening and weekend for a minimal monthly line rental charge and there are also bundle deals that entitle you to multiple services, such as phone, broadband and digital TV on one bill for a substantially discounted rate.

If you make the majority of your calls in the evening, a price plan that offers free calls after 6pm or 7pm should be ideal. There are some stipulations to these free call plans; if you phone call lasts longer than an hour, you will be charged for each minute over an hour the call lasts.


6 Things To Remember Before You Try Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services

Technology can be a double-edged sword and that is exactly the case with communication technology. Since we now have access to a lot of options, we are also more vulnerable to people who do not have qualms about abusing the system. For starters, anyone could easily become a victim of prank calls or harassing phone calls. There are also lots of aggressive telemarketing companies who do not mind wasting your time. Reverse phone number lookup services promise to help you in those situations. They claim that all you have to do is fill out a form or type the number, and if any match turns up in their database, you would know. Some companies even offer this service for free. Now, this has helped a lot of people, but it has also caused dissatisfaction in some.

1. Be careful when considering companies that offer free services

You might think that your best option is a free service. You should be careful though; in the internet, just like in the real world, most things that come free usually come with strings attached. You might end up having to disclose personal information. Sometimes, the terms of the service


3 Self Defense Accessories For Your iPhone

The Famous Knucklecase

I say famous because once such an accessory gets into the hands of celebrities like Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Megan Fox, it simply cannot have a lower status. It’s basically an iPhone bumper with knuckles on one side.

The original Knucklecase is made out of aluminum, making it highly resilient. However, don’t think “violence” because its makers state it was designed as an iPhone handle and nothing more. Should you decide to do anything else with it, is entirely your own responsibility.

The Knucklecase doesn’t come very cheap. The iPhone 4 & 4s compatible versions cost from 39 to 49$ and the 5 & 5s versions are in the 120-125$ range.

The Yellow Jacket

If the Knucklecase doesn’t really seem like an effective self-defense solution (unless you have some training in that matter) wait ’till you see the Yellow Jacket. It’s a 650.000 volts stun gun that can at least stop your offender temporarily and allow you to run for your life or you can use that power to give your phone a full recharge.

The Yellow Jacket is not some fancy accessory, so it comes with a pretty


Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Dual-SIM Phones

Maybe you travel often and you would like to answer your cell without worrying about paying crazy international charges on your original data plan.

Whatever the case, if you have found the need to have two lines but you don’t want to keep track of two phones (or you don’t want to pay for another phone), buying a phone that can carry two SIM cards might be something to consider. Here are the benefits and drawbacks to owning a dual-SIM cell.

ADVANTAGE: You can widen your network. If you’ve got two SIM cards following two different networks, you’re looking at almost no coverage gaps. If you live in an area that has poor coverage no matter the network, or you enjoy traveling to remote locations, this is great for those who hate dropped calls – and who doesn’t? This is also good in case of emergencies when you need to make a call right away.

DISADVANTAGE: Battery life could be shortened. Newer phones have mitigated much of these problems, but models could be affected by as much as a third, especially if they’re older.

Also, there are different types of dual-SIM abilities to keep


How To Clear Storage Space On Your iPhone – 5 Ways To Do It

It is so difficult to fit everything you love in a 16 gigabyte iPhone. But if you have budget constraints, you will have to learn how to clear storage space on your iPhone – it is the only way. It is too challenging in a sense since you have your favorite music in it, videos, and images and of course, your apps. Deciding on which to save and delete on that itsy bitsy phone memory of yours is excruciating.

But it can be done. You can manually clear space on your iPhone if you want to. It will take an hour or so but it is all worth it. You can manage the storage space on your phone without having to purchase an upgrade.

First things first on how to clear storage space on your iPhone – check all your apps. This is how to do it:

– Settings
– General
– Storage and iCloud Usage
– Manage Storage (Storage and not iCloud)

You will see from there all the apps on your phone and how much space it takes up. Start to clean up your iPhone


High Voltage Products and the Direct Current Voltage Test

High voltage products require an interesting mix of science and engineering in order to withstand the forces that that are applied to them. When moving very high voltage electricity around the country, it is vital to have equipment that can withstand the rigors that are placed upon them. There is a range of high voltage products that are worth mentioning here. However, this is merely a brief summary as each individual component is certainly worth discussing in a greater amount of detail.

There are a number of switchgear units which are designed to be able to cope with very high voltages.

These include air-insulated switchgears, gas-insulated switchgears, as well as other hybrid switchgears which are designed for specific purposes. Other items worth mentioning include generator circuit breakers, disconnectors, and instrument transformers.

Surge arrestors are a crucial piece of equipment when dealing with high voltage electricity. Because the levels in a cable can vary at certain times, a surge can actually cause a huge amount of damage to other electrical equipment, and can result in whole circuits having to shut down. Surge arrestors are able to control the surge in order to prevent the damage that


6 Factors To Consider When Buying A CD Player

For you to play your favorite music in your car or house you need to have a good quality CD player. For ideal results you need to buy the right player. To help you out here are some of the factors that you should consider in order to buy the right player:

Power Supply

The power supply greatly affects the quality of sound. For high quality sound you should go for a player with large toroidal power transformers. The large transformers will ensure that the power supplied to the player is enough to produce high quality sound with minimal noise.

Disc Transport

To minimize vibration and ensure that the sound produced is of high quality you should go for a player with sturdy transports. You should note that disc transport is the disc drive; therefore, you should ensure that the CD player has a sturdy disc drive.


This is the enclosure that protects the internal components of a CD player. To prevent vibrations you should go for a chassis that is rigid and reinforced. It’s also wise that you go for a chassis that has a double-plated top or bottom panel.


Getting Repeat Customers With the Help of a Voice Messaging Service

In the retail industry, gaining repeat customers is one of the ideal goals a business can achieve. They are known to spend more money, refer more friends and family, and purchase a broader range of products compared to one-time shoppers. Convincing people to patronize your products shouldn’t be done in your store alone; you can access your store’s mailing/calling list and use a voice messaging service to gain repeat customers.

By using such a service, you can inform customers of updates you’ve made on your inventory, details on new products to be released, or special discounts you’re about to offer. Recorded messages about these events can easily be sent to customers who’ve agreed to be included in your store’s mailing/calling list.

To create the most effective recordings using a voice messaging service, you can present them like radio advertisements, as both are essentially the same. The difference lies in the delivery of the messages. Radio ads are transmitted on air, while voice messages are sent through the phone. Other than that, both media are purely auditory in nature, which means that you have to pull out all the stops to make sure message retention is high.


Best Tips in Buying Answering Service Software

Many industries are being particular in purchasing live answering call services because it is a necessity in every business. Acquiring such services keeps customers satisfied – and satisfied customers mean good income. Live answering services support customers whenever they need help regarding a company’s product or service. Therefore, at the very moment that a customer needs help someone who knows about the specific product information can tell them what to do. This is also very important especially for businesses in the medical field. Live answering services can provide patients and other people in need of medical help the necessary information they will need like location of nearest hospitals and physicians, etc. Some companies prefer to buy answering service software too. But with many of these things going in the market, how will companies know what to choose? Here are a few reminders when searching for top answering service software:

1. Always search the Internet first because there can be websites that can provide better descriptions and specify the features of the software they are promoting. This can help a lot because one can easily compare the different features offered by different manufacturers.

2. Check if the