Android Mobiles: Why Buy Them?

With so many brands in the market, it gets difficult for the consumers to decide on a smartphone that is best suited for them. To arrive at this decision of choosing a brand, they evaluate their communication needs as well as their personal preferences. Aesthetics and ease of use are the two most important factors that help in making this decision.

Smartphones now-a-days comes in different platforms like Android, Cyanogen, iOS, Tizen, etc. However, with a large amount of useful features combined with an open source platform, Android phones are rapidly gaining popularity among smartphone users. But the question remains, why Android and not any other platform? This article is going to help you make this decision.

Reason 1: The Android Open Source Platform:

Android is an open source mobile platform which means it’s free and fully customizable. Anyone can have access to the source code and make suggestions for improvements. There are hundreds of thousands of apps that can be easily downloaded to your Android smartphones.

Reason 2: Wide Range of Android Phones

There is a lot of competition in the Android mobiles market. A wide range of Android smartphones in various sizes and formats is available in the market to cater to different needs of consumers. Requirement of differentiating features in a smart phone by consumers like Screen size, RAM, Camera, OS version, Dual SIM Compatibility, Battery, Design, etc. have led to an introduction of new players in market. But very few actually are able to qualify in the quality parameters for a good smartphone.

Reason 3: Customization Options for Android Smartphones

Now with a smartphone that has an option to download from thousands of apps available in the App Market, you can customize your phone as per your requirement.

You can customize your android mobile’s home screen with Widgets like news, weather, Twitter & Facebook feeds, music player and more. Get custom themes, apps, wallpapers and more on your android phones.

Also, unlike other smartphones with limited capacity, many android smartphones allow you to increase the storage capacity with microSD storage cards.

Reason 4: Powerful Cameras

Smartphones running on the Android operating system are well-known for their superior camera and image quality. Most android mobile phones now-a-days are even capable of taking professional quality photos and videos even in low light.

Reason 5: 3G, 4G and Wireless Hotspot Capability

Smartphones cater to different network speeds available, be it 2G, 3G or now even 4G. Most of the smartphones now are coming with 4G LTE compatibility to get the fastest wireless network speed available required for fast communication, browsing, and downloads.

The Android operating system also allows tethering, which means these smartphones can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. This means, you can connect other wireless devices like Laptops, tablets, etc. via your mobile network.


There are numerous reasons to buy an Android smartphone. But the reasons listed above are the Top 5 reasons you should opt for an Android mobile. Each point may have different weightage for different users depending upon their personal preferences.


Keeping A Track Of Your Health With The New Apple Watch

The all new Apple Watch has some unique new health and fitness features that help you stay motivated in achieving your fitness levels. An innovation in the world of wearable technology, this tech watch can monitor your heart rate, measure your steps and calories burnt and keep a track of your workouts. Whether you are aiming to lose weight and or gain cardio, the Activity, Workout and Health apps in an Apple Watch can help you do all of it.

Check your heart rate

The Apple Watch has a custom heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate. As long as the user wears the Apple Watch, it will automatically measure and log your heart rate every ten minutes. All data related to your heart rate will be then sent to the Health app on your iPhone. It will occur more frequently during your workout sessions, helping you check your intensity level. However, the user can always make adjustments in the settings.

You can always see your heart rate on the Apple Watch in the Heart Rate Glance, where your heart beat is already present by default. In case the user removes it, he will be required to add it back for him to manually check his heart rate. Simply tap on Glances to add Heartbeat glance again.

View your Activity levels

The Activity app on your Apple Watch will keep a track of the time you spend sitting, moving and exercising. Each of the three activities is represented by three different colored rings – Stand Ring, Move Ring and Exercise Ring.

Here inside the Activity app you will be able to view how far you have reached towards your goal. The aim obviously is to meet the goals for which you will have to stand for at least a minute each hour for 12 hours, exercise for 30 minutes and achieve your daily calorie goal. The Activity app basically acts like a visual snapshot of your daily activity, allowing you to check your progress rate whenever you want.

Set a calorie goal activity

To stay fit with the Apple Watch, you will have to set personal goals for yourself. The built-in Activity app on this tech wear allows the user to set calorie burning goals on a daily basis. The user can meet goals by keeping a track of the Activity levels and act accordingly. You will have to begin from a starting goal. Upon successful completion, the rings of the Activity app will come closer to form a full circle.
Remember the goal is applicable only for active calories and not resting ones. Also the calorie goal can be adjusted anytime but the exercise and stand goals remain static.

Track your workout sessions

With your Apple Watch the user can log all types of workouts right there on his wrist.


ASUS X551MAV-EB01-B(S) Laptop Review

In this article, we’re going to examine the Asus X551MAV-EB01-B(S). What kind of person would this laptop be good for? Is it just the thing for globe trekkers, or perhaps more settled people who work the typical 9-5 office job? Is it good enough to game, or will it disappoint those who want to play the latest First Person Shooter or RPG?

To find out, we’re going to break it down and see the features it has to offer, and what benefits these features have for what kind of user. We’re going to give the pros and cons, and then give some snippets of what other people are saying about it. Finally, we’re going to give our overall impressions on who should be buying this, and tell you who we think the best retailer is.

Features and Benefits

  • Latest Generation Intel Dual-Core Celeron 2.16GHz Processor (Turbo up to 2.58Ghz).
  • 500 GB Hard Drive. 4GB RAM. 64-Bit Windows 8.1.
  • 15.6-inch High Definition Display. Web Camera.
  • Fast Wi-Fi in 802.11N. Multitouch trackpad. SD Card Reader (SDXC).
  • USB 3.0 for 10 times faster data transfer speed. 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet ports.

Now the first thing this laptop claims is that it comes with a latest generation dual core processor. In this case, that would be the 2.16GHz Intel Celeron N2840, which is the same processor behind a smaller, more compact laptop that I’ve also reviewed before, the HP Stream 11. In simple terms, the N2840 is good for simple office work, and has basic integrated graphics for some video playback, but unless you like playing low requirement games like Minecraft, then gaming with this CPU isn’t such a good idea.

The X551MAV-EB01-B(S) comes with a 500 GB HDD. That’s a fairly standard amount of space these days, and it won’t be enough if you’re a chronic downloader like me, but definitely enough to host a lot of documents, spreadsheets, mp3’s, videos, and maybe even some lightweight games. Not to mention, that’s a lot more space than most SSD laptops these days, and space is a very important factor for me.

The 4GB RAM is enough for most daily tasks and multitasking… Or if you’re a tab nut like me, support over 20 tabs without freaking out. As long as you don’t have two dozen browser tabs, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Minecraft, and VLC media player all running at the same time, you should be good. I tend to do that, but my rig has 8GB.

The X551MAV-EB01-B(S) runs on Windows 8.1, so for those of you who’re still clinging to good ol’ reliable Windows 7, there might be something of a learning curve. For you guys who’ve already moved on and migrated to Windows 8, then this should now be familiar territory.

The 15.6-inch HD display is good for when you want to watch a movie, or not have to scroll down so often when reading your email. At the same time, it’s not too big to carry around, and fits nicely into most backpacks. The webcam will of course allow you to take and make video calls… or take selfies if for some reason you can’t use your phone.

At 4.7 pounds (2.15 kilograms), it’s also pretty light (lighter than my cat, even), although that’s somewhat subjective. If you’re past 50, it might not be as manageable as you run from airport to airport with it in tow.

The wifi is pretty fast, so you shouldn’t worry about buffering too often while streaming videos, or obnoxious long waiting times, and the multitouch pad should come in handy for quick zoom ins and outs.

The X551MAV-EB01-B(S) has an SD card reader for photographers, and several other ports. The USB 3.0 port runs ten times as fast, which is great for when you want to dump a bunch of files onto a thumb drive in a hurry. There’s also a USB 2.0 port, for other things, like charging your phone and attaching other USB tools.

It has two video out ports, HDMI and VGA, which means you can connect to both old and new projectors easily. The Ethernet port will also be a big help if the wifi is bad, but a LAN cable is present (along with a wired connection).

So What’s The Point?

I would say there are a couple of big reasons to buy this laptop. First off, it’s a decent budget computer that’s pretty well rounded, and actually has a few redundancy features, like the VGA port and the Ethernet port.

Those are always great for when you happen to be presenting or connecting in a rural place with outdated projectors and a lack of wifi hotspots. The price is of course, also pretty good, all things considered.

Perfectly Imperfect

Now, this is obviously because it’s a budget laptop, while I’m a performance jockey who likes being able to play Skyrim at 60 fps, so it’s only natural that I’ve got qualms with this computer. The processor is only good enough for mild gaming, and not for what I want to do with it.

The integrated graphics aren’t that great either, and so photographers, video and audio editors, and other such folks who use intensive hardware like Photoshop and Sony Vegas won’t be able to use this all too well.

Wisdom of the Masses

The X551MAV-EB01-B(S) holds a score of 3.6 starts out of 5 on our suggested retailer. If we converted that to a scale of 10, that would be 7.2, which makes it rather decent. 45% of customers gave it a 5 star rating, and while that’s no majority, that’s still pretty darn good, all things considered.

It’s described as very light, and highly portable, a work station laptop that does good for the office, and will nicely complement your gaming PC and HD video tablet. It’s also said to have a keyboard at the right size, and an excellent performance at its price point of $250.

On the other hand, this laptop reportedly has a little flaw in that it lacks Bluetooth. If you don’t like using the trackpad, that means you’ll have to use one of the USB ports for your mouse, rather than a Bluetooth mouse. Neither does it have a restore disk, so you’ll have to make one yourself with downloaded restore information.

Overall, the X551MAV-EB01-B(S) is what it is: a budget laptop with decent budget performance. It’s built for office work rather than gaming, so you should expect to use it for the daily grind, rather than playing Skyrim. And for what it’s made to do, it does it admirably. For travel, it’s lightweight and has a manageable size, and the backwards compatibility will let you take it to places where many other laptops in its price point will have trouble.

I think I’ll be getting this, just so I don’t get distracted and play Skyrim when I should be doing my spreadsheets.


High Voltage Products and the Direct Current Voltage Test

High voltage products require an interesting mix of science and engineering in order to withstand the forces that that are applied to them. When moving very high voltage electricity around the country, it is vital to have equipment that can withstand the rigors that are placed upon them. There is a range of high voltage products that are worth mentioning here. However, this is merely a brief summary as each individual component is certainly worth discussing in a greater amount of detail.

There are a number of switchgear units which are designed to be able to cope with very high voltages.

These include air-insulated switchgears, gas-insulated switchgears, as well as other hybrid switchgears which are designed for specific purposes. Other items worth mentioning include generator circuit breakers, disconnectors, and instrument transformers.

Surge arrestors are a crucial piece of equipment when dealing with high voltage electricity. Because the levels in a cable can vary at certain times, a surge can actually cause a huge amount of damage to other electrical equipment, and can result in whole circuits having to shut down. Surge arrestors are able to control the surge in order to prevent the damage that might have occurred. Instrument transformers are utilized for a variety of applications, including revenue metering, insulation, as well as protection and control services.

When dealing with insulation, long-rod insulators, made of silicone, have been used on certain 550kV overhead power lines. Disconnectors also have a range of applications, and can be utilized on lines anywhere from 72.5kV up to a massive 800kV. There are a range of coil products that are manufactured by the electrical manufacturing companies, in addition to the variety of other smaller components that are manufactured specifically to deal with high voltages.

For electrical engineers, a direct current voltage test is something that must be performed from time to time.

In essence, these are pressure tests that are conducted on high voltage cables. While many cables operate on AC, for numerous reasons the AC testing is not possible, which is why DC testing must take place. More often than not, a DC test will be comprised of half wave rectification, and will typically make use of HV selenium rectifiers. You might have heard about doubling and multiplier circuits. These types of circuits are used in some simple household appliances, like in television sets, but also have high voltage applications.


6 Factors To Consider When Buying A CD Player

For you to play your favorite music in your car or house you need to have a good quality CD player. For ideal results you need to buy the right player. To help you out here are some of the factors that you should consider in order to buy the right player:

Power Supply

The power supply greatly affects the quality of sound. For high quality sound you should go for a player with large toroidal power transformers. The large transformers will ensure that the power supplied to the player is enough to produce high quality sound with minimal noise.

Disc Transport

To minimize vibration and ensure that the sound produced is of high quality you should go for a player with sturdy transports. You should note that disc transport is the disc drive; therefore, you should ensure that the CD player has a sturdy disc drive.


This is the enclosure that protects the internal components of a CD player. To prevent vibrations you should go for a chassis that is rigid and reinforced. It’s also wise that you go for a chassis that has a double-plated top or bottom panel.


Although, most CD players have RCA stereo outputs, there are a few that have balanced XLR outputs. Using the outputs you can connect amplifiers and preamplifiers thus increasing the quality of your sound. The good thing with the balanced connections is that they transmit low-noise signals which ensures that the sound produced is of high quality.

Disc Capacity

There are two types of disc capacities that you can go with: single or multi-disc capacity. If you love loading many CDs and have them running on shuffle play, you should go for a multi-disc player. Although, multi-disc players will allow you to play many CDs, they are more expensive; therefore, you should be prepared to part with a large amount of money.

Track Programming

Would you like to make your own playlist? You should go for a CD player with track programming. With track programming you will not only be able to create your own playlist, you will also be able to skip your least favorite tracks. This feature is of great importance to you if you have a multi-disk player.


These are some of the features that you should consider when buying a CD player. In addition to the above features, you should also ensure that you make your purchase in a high quality store.


Hidden Security Camera Systems Allow Businesses to Capture Footage Discreetly

There are several types of crimes that are committed every day that go unnoticed. This can be due to the lack of a security camera or one that is not adequate for the grounds that it needs to be covering. Hidden security camera systems have a lot of different types of features that every business and home owner will be able to take advantage of.

Having a camera that is hidden can give the person a huge advantage. This is because they are not easily seen. Having a camera visible is going to deter a lot of the thieves. This is also going to allow them to check out the place to see what areas that they will not be seen by these cameras.

This is something that is going to be very important to have if someone wants to catch the person in the act of stealing or vandalizing property. They can also see if someone is trespassing or causing any other type of problem. Maintaining security is something that is very important and becoming more and more difficult to do.

Every camera can be pointed in a different direction so that the entire area can be covered. It is very important to make sure that there are no blind spots that someone can hide in. This is something that is very difficult to figure out.

Having someone that is experienced in installing these will help tremendously also. They will be able to put them in the right spots as well as aim them properly so that if anyone does something, they are going to be on camera. Every business will have certain areas that they want to watch more than others though.

An experienced installer or salesman for these will be able to give advice on how many cameras to use as well as which ones would be better for the area that they are being installed in. Every camera is going to have different features though. This is something that is going to help choose which one will be best.

The cameras that are going to work great for one location may not work so well in another location. They need to take into consideration the elements that it will be exposed to. If it is an outdoor camera, they will need to make sure that they are waterproof and that nothing is going to damage them.

If it is going to be videoing an area that is dark part of the time, the camera may have a special night vision device that can be used with it. This may just be a special lens that works well for videoing at night. The colors may not be the same, but it will show in detail of who it is at the location.

Having something that is hidden is going to help tremendously, because it will help them hide the camera from the person that they are trying to catch. This is something that is very helpful. Every camera will be different though. Concealing it may not be as easy as it looks.

There are many different ways that they are going to do this. They will have a lot of choices in what is covering the actual camera. Some of them will look a lot like some type of decoration, while others are going to be concealed in something that is already there.

A hidden security camera system offers many different types of features. There are a lot of different opportunities for every company that is using these cameras. They may use spy cams or a larger camera.


3 Great Reasons You Should Wall Mount Your Flat Screen HDTV

Whether it’s a plasma, LCD or LED, one of the major advantages of owning any of these types of flat panel TVs is that they are light enough and flat enough to hang on your wall. In this article I will share three great reasons you should take advantage of this option.

– First, think about how much space it takes up in the room if it’s sitting on a TV stand or console. You could increase your living or work space tremendously if you removed that table altogether, or maybe you could use the table, work desk, bedroom chess or dresser more efficiently if the TV was not in the way.

– Second, you should know that unlike their old school counterparts — CRTs, commonly known as “tube TVs,” flat screen television monitors are extremely delicate and easier to damage. It would take nothing more than a minor accidental impact or light fall to crack their screens or rupture their internal computer boards. These components are not cheap to repair or replace. By using a durable TV wall bracket to mount the TV on the wall, on the other hand, you could significantly decrease the chances of it getting bumped or knocked over and ruined.

– Last but not least, your flat screen TV would look ten times cooler and even more stylish if it were on the wall. Coupled with a nice surround sound system, your wall mounted big screen TV can bring the movie theater experience right into your family room.

If you decide to take my advice, you will need to buy a quality wall mounting bracket that will accommodate the size and weight of your TV in order to hang it safely. You don’t want to purchase a cheaply constructed mount that could put your flat panel at a great risk of getting damaged and others at risk of getting injured from the TV falling off the wall unexpectedly. You also sure don’t want to buy a mount that doesn’t fit the back of your display or one in which your TV may exceed the mount’s maximum weight load. To avoid making either mistake when shopping for a wall mounting bracket, it’s important that you find out the approximate size (or VESA bolt pattern) and weight of your television beforehand, either from reading the enclosed TV instruction manual, looking up that model’s specs online or taking your own measurements. That way you can shop smart and make an informed TV wall mount purchase at a retail store or online.

To begin your search for a quality TV wall mount, you can visit TVMounts USA, an authorized, BBB accredited online merchant. TVMounts USA offers a vast selection of top-notch TV wall mounting brackets for the best prices possible and expert advice about the best options for you. Shop smart while saving time and money.