Getting Repeat Customers With the Help of a Voice Messaging Service

In the retail industry, gaining repeat customers is one of the ideal goals a business can achieve. They are known to spend more money, refer more friends and family, and purchase a broader range of products compared to one-time shoppers. Convincing people to patronize your products shouldn’t be done in your store alone; you can access your store’s mailing/calling list and use a voice messaging service to gain repeat customers.

By using such a service, you can inform customers of updates you’ve made on your inventory, details on new products to be released, or special discounts you’re about to offer. Recorded messages about these events can easily be sent to customers who’ve agreed to be included in your store’s mailing/calling list.

To create the most effective recordings using a voice messaging service, you can present them like radio advertisements, as both are essentially the same. The difference lies in the delivery of the messages. Radio ads are transmitted on air, while voice messages are sent through the phone. Other than that, both media are purely auditory in nature, which means that you have to pull out all the stops to make sure message retention is high.

Here are some tips on maximizing your voice messaging service and creating effective and memorable recordings:

Make it personal. One of the best ways to engage your customers using a recorded message is to make sure it’s relevant to them. By making sure your message is useful to your customer, they’ll be more interested in the product being offered. They’ll also be more open to ideas and you can expect them to stop by your store anytime soon.

Make your message more personal by sharing the experience of using your product and explaining how it can benefit them. You can make your descriptions more colorful using terms and concepts that paint a picture. If, through your message, your customers can see themselves using your products, your recorded message can leave a lasting impact on a customer.

Go straight to the point. Descriptions are an effective way of marketing your product; however, one too many might become too boring to listen to. For this reason, it’s always best to use your voice messaging service to create short messages that are straight to the point but still retain all the essential details needed to capture the attention of your target audience.

Get ready to achieve consistent sales from loyal customers by keeping them posted on the latest your retail business has to offer, with clear and easy-to-understand recorded calls using quality voice messaging services.


Best Tips in Buying Answering Service Software

Many industries are being particular in purchasing live answering call services because it is a necessity in every business. Acquiring such services keeps customers satisfied – and satisfied customers mean good income. Live answering services support customers whenever they need help regarding a company’s product or service. Therefore, at the very moment that a customer needs help someone who knows about the specific product information can tell them what to do. This is also very important especially for businesses in the medical field. Live answering services can provide patients and other people in need of medical help the necessary information they will need like location of nearest hospitals and physicians, etc. Some companies prefer to buy answering service software too. But with many of these things going in the market, how will companies know what to choose? Here are a few reminders when searching for top answering service software:

1. Always search the Internet first because there can be websites that can provide better descriptions and specify the features of the software they are promoting. This can help a lot because one can easily compare the different features offered by different manufacturers.

2. Check if the interface is user-friendly. Having a single-screen display can make communication much easier and faster. With this, even new employees will not have a hard time working with answering service software. The faster they learn how to use the software, the lesser training will be needed. They can work fast and efficiently in a short period of time if the interface is easy to use.

3. Inquire if the software package is compatible with the available telephone systems and equipments. If it is not, one may end up having more technical problems and replacement fees. Ensure the compatibility of products first before purchasing.

4. Know the important features that can be necessary depending on the business. Different businesses may have different needs to. For instance, most software manufacturers offer customizable features to make its users more comfortable. One can use customized greetings for a personal touch with the customers. Others have a detailed report option in their features, leaving detailed information on calls and messages. Call recording and scheduling features are useful too. Know the business needs and search for it for a better and worthwhile experience.

5. Aside from the features, the support that can be offered is a thing to consider too. For troubleshoot concerns of the software, it is best to have customer support available 24 hours.

6. Prices of top answering service software vary too. Search for the software package that fits the business and compare prices.