Best iPhone 5 Extended Battery

Apple iPhone 5 is one of the best smartphones available in the market today and there are hardly any negative points you can find in this device both in terms of hardware and software. Despite being one of the best Apple’s iPhone 5 has one weakness i.e a typical problem we have with every other smartphone available in the market today. Just like its competitors iPhone 5 has a limited battery life that runs out in a few hours.

To expand the battery life of iPhone 5 and make it usable for 6-8 extra hours there are many solutions available but the most viable of them all is an extended battery case.There are several types of extended battery cases available in the market for iPhone 5 and in this post we will figure out the best one that you can get right now.

Here is the comparison of basic features and difference between some of the best iPhone 5 extended battery cases available in the market.

Maxboost Fusion Detachable External case for iPhone 5

First up on our list of best iPhone 5 expandable battery cases is Maxboost Fusion Detachable External iPhone 5 case. This case by Maxboost features a 2000mAh battery that nearly doubles the overall battery life of the iPhone 5. It is a lightweight and comparatively thin case that can be kept on the device at all time. Apart from extra battery power it also adds durability to the device preventing it from getting scratches and making it capable of surviving deadly falls. Overall this case is a great option as it is affordable and easy to use thanks to its detachable design. You can buy this case for $70.

Lenmar Meridian for iPhone 5

Lenmar Meridian battery case for iPhone 5 features a nice looking matte finish that feels good when held in hand. It sports a 2300mAh battery that despite its thin profile almost doubles the battery life of the device. It also features a LED indicator, microUSB port and a cutout for headphone jack. One thing about Lenmar Meridian case that is particularly annoying is that it does not come with a headphone adapter and only features a cutout, which is not suitable for all headphones – especially the ones that have L-Shaped jacks. You can buy this case for your iPhone 5 for $80.

Rokit Boost Excess 2000

Rokit Boost Excess 2000 case does what it is intended for i.e significantly increasing the battery life of the device. Thanks to its lightweight users can keep it on their device all the time and use it as a protective case along with its primary function. This Rokit case features a 2000mAh battery that can stay on stand-by for up to 300 hours. Rokit Boost Excess 2000 case lacks the LED battery indicator, which is one of the major flaws of this product but if your don’t mind that it is a must have. It is available for $45.

iCanonic Elite Rechargeable Extended

Last but not the least on our list of best iPhone 5 extended battery cases is iCanonic Elite Rechargeable Extended case. This case features a slim design that doesn’t make your device look bulky like many other extended battery cases available for the iPhone 5. It has a 2000mAh battery that promises to double the overall usage time. As far as looks go iCanonic Elite Rechargeable Extended case for iPhone 5 is aesthetically pleasing. It has a 3-piece detachable design that makes it easier for users to add or remove it to their smartphone. Also the ability for users to only remove the bottom cap is a big plus as it makes it easier to attach headphones that have unsupported design. This case for iPhone 5 is available in the market for around $50.


Solve Poor Reception With a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

In situations of experiencing poor mobile phone signal strength there is often several different steps that can be taken to help with improving the situation. The main issues that can relate to poor phone reception include some form of obstruction causing interference and distance from the nearest tower. If you want to resolve the poor quality reception it might be necessary to invest in a mobile signal booster to help with extending the range a signal is clearly received in an office or home.

Obstructions Causing Interference

A mobile phone signal is easily able to travel a long distance where no interference is present, but in situations where the signal needs to pass through a building the quality of signal can be lowered. Construction materials like wire mesh, concrete, metal siding, as well as geographical elements, such as trees, mountains, and hills can all impact on the quality of phone reception experienced.

Distance from the Mobile Tower

Since a great number of mobile towers exist it is possible for the carriers to offer a strong and reliable signal to most areas. As you travel with a mobile device, it will always attempt to connect and hop to the closest tower as you continue to move from location to location. But once you start to reach the outer limit of the mobile phone signal the quality of reception will start to downgrade as you move away from the closest tower. Once you move too far from a mobile tower the connection is likely to be completely lost and dropped calls with be experienced.

Help with Boosting the Signal

In an attempt to limit the issues that are likely to be experienced from poor reception it is possible to use one of the many mobile phone signal boosters which are highly effective at helping to improve on the reception. Whether you are experiencing poor signals at home or in the office, a booster is able to help with amplifying the signal to reach those areas that often lack the desired strength or reception. A solid office complex with concrete walls is often found to cause issues for the signal strength. This is likely to be greatly improved with the right device in place. Many of the signal boosters are designed to mount on an outside surface, such as the roof, which should go a long way to help improve signal quality inside the building.